Now come on folks, let’s calm down a bit before this gay Paul Dacre thing gets out of hand.

I mean the guy’s got family, and even though the boys went to Eton, where they’re taught to be tough out there on the playing fields, we don’t know for sure how they will cope with this.

It’s ok when Die Mail goes  for me, because I’m used to it and I’ve got a thick skin and a sense of humour.

Paulipoos has neither. The lack of thick skin explains why he never puts his head above the parapet to defend his evil paper and its lying campaigns against anything that is decent and good in Britain. The lack of humour is reported by all who work under him. Not a barrel of laughs.

So I am just issuing a warning that he might not be able to cope too well if he sees the video doing the rounds on Youtube which seems to have been inspired by my Dacre blog last week. You may remember I reported the view of a psychologist that  Obergruppenfuehrer Dacre’s hate-filled coverage of me is driven by the homoerotic grip I might have on his fantasies.

Now look, I was just being a bit light-hearted about one of the most evil men in Britain. But to take this, as someone has done, and set it to a scene from Downfall, with Dacre as Hitler, and subtitles suggesting his hate, and all the viciousness in his paper, is born of his unrequited love for me, takes it a bit far.

Still, it is funny, and so you can make your own minds up, I feel I should allow you to see it here, and then pass it on to your friends.

Hate Mail. Be proud of it.