Having heard about the apparent suicide of former Korean President Roh, I thought Reuters might be the place to find out more. Sure, the story was there, very sad it was too, and reported in some detail.

But what amazed me was the list of ‘most popular stories’ on Reuters UK.

1. Australian topless bathing ban urged.

2. Indian models dare to bare.

3. Bar Rafaeli designs perfect bikini.

4. Japan’s latest bra push.

1, 3 and 4 are basically about women’s breasts, 2 about women’s bodies more generally.

On Reuters? I was shocked.

I shouldn’t be. What a few years ago would have been seen as purely tabloid stories, or maybe an ITN News at Ten ‘and finally’  slot, are now regularly most viewed/read on tabloid, broadsheet and broadcast websites.

Not sure what if anything it means, but I felt like pointing it out.