Good response on Facebook last night when I slipped in that D:Ream‘s ‘Things can only get better’ was one of my ten songs when I go on Dermot O’Leary‘s Time Capsule programme on Radio 2 tomorrow night. It is the first of a new series, and I really enjoyed deciding which records to choose.

I was down to do Desert Island Discs a few years ago but we never got the dates sorted, and it all went away. But at least it meant I had done a bit of thinking about this, even before Dermot asked me to be his opening guest.

The format is slightly different to Desert Island Discs. You are allowed five ‘free’ choices, but five have to fit into the same formula week by week – a family favourite, a teenage kicks song, a tearjerker,your ultimate time capsule song and your funeral song. (A bit morbid but if you have read my novel, All In The Mind, you’ll know that there is a school of psychiatry that says it is very healthy to think about and imagine your death and what follows.)

Anyway, Dermot and his producer Ben encouraged me to pick records with a story attached to them so I tried to do that and here goes with the top ten.
Family favourite – my brother Donald playing the bagpipes, a tune written in honour of my father, also Donald. So Donald Campbell by Donald Campbell is the family favourite.

Teenage kicks – Diana Ross, Ain’t no mountain high enough. Love her. Love it.

Tearjerker aka ‘our song’. Randy Crawford, One Day I’ll Fly Way. Devastated to discover Fiona can’t remember that we used to dance around a bedsit to it.

Free choice 1. Verdi (theme from Jean de Florette) Because I used to hum it to the kids when they couldn’t sleep.

Free choice 2. Money’s too tight by Simply Red. Because Mick is Labour and a friend of mine but more important because I used to listen to it obsessively when I was going mad and my breakdown is an important part of my life, so had to be in there somewhere.

Free choice 3. Yes, it is D:Ream and I don’t care what anyone says – things HAVE got better as a result of Labour being in power.

Free choice 4. Nelly Furtado, Forza … great running music. (I was running to it on Regent’s Park canalside this morning)

Free choice 5. ANC anthem which became South African national anthem. Shows the power of politics to change things for the better.

Ultimate time capsule song. Ne Me Quitte Pas by Jacques Brel.

Funeral song. Quand on n’a que l’amour. Also by Brel.

Sorry this is so rushed but just as the names game gave you something to think on, so should this. I really enjoyed choosing them. Programme out on 1030pm tomorrow, Radio 2.

Dermot a good bloke, Labour obviously, as most good blokes are.
Must rush now because Decca Aitkenhead of the Guardian has arrived. She says she wants to do an interview ‘honouring your website.’ Oo-er.